Dental Services

At White Cross Dental Henderson we offer a comprehensive range of dental services at affordable prices. We are committed to giving our patients reliable and high quality treatment without compromising quality and value for money. We endeavour to provide our patients with the best possible experience and while we can’t absolutely promise no pain we can guarantee solutions that will minimize any discomfort. Our highly experienced team of dentists, nurses and management helps to optimize your experience at our clinic.

What We Offer

Consultation & Examination

A consultation is a great place to start if you require information regarding a specific problem or interest. Our dentists will listen to any issues you may have and provide advice regarding any appropriate treatment required. The cost of a consultation is $55 and if you require an X-Ray, this will be $15 each.

An examination is a great way to provide a complete overview of your current state of oral health. Once you have had X-Rays taken a dentist will provide all necessary information regarding any treatment that may be required. A cost estimation can be given to take away, listing all the treatment you may need. The cost of an examination is $85 and includes two X-Rays.

We offer a full check-up from $115, this includes a clean, X-Rays and Consultation.

Please note: Prices may vary depending on staining and tartar on the teeth.

A full check-up every 6-12 months is the best preventative measure and ensures patients can keep on top of their oral hygiene.


We provide services for a full range of cosmetic dentistry from tooth whitening to veneers, dentures and crowns. It is best to have a consultation with one of our dentists regarding these treatment options as price can vary considerably depending on which treatment is appropriate for individual patients.


Often a tooth may need to be extracted if it is heavily decayed or broken and we have the ability to cater for any extraction safely and gently. We can cater for everything from loose teeth to impacted wisdom teeth and can organise sedation where required. Our experienced nurses will provide all the information you need for post-extraction care. After a tooth is extracted, patients may be interested in ‘filling the gap’. Our dentists can recommended an appropriate option which may be a plastic partial denture, metal denture, implant or bridge.

Endodontic Root Therapy

The term endodontic refers to the dental specialty concerned with the inside of the tooth – the treatment of the nerve or pulp of the tooth. If the decay within the tooth has reached the nerve, root canal treatment may be required to save the tooth and avoid extraction. Our dentist are highly experienced in this area and use techniques that minimize any pain and discomfort. Root canal treatment can vary in price depending on which tooth requires treatment.


Restorative dentistry involves the restoration of teeth with either fillings or crowns, to rebuild broken or worn down teeth or repair teeth affected by decay. Fillings detected at an early stage can significantly reduce cost and ultimately avoid the need for root canal treatment. We provide all types of fillings including both composite (white) and amalgam (silver) fillings. Fillings vary in price depending on which tooth is treated, the size of the filling and the type of fillings recommended to each patient. Crowning of the tooth may be required where the tooth has been previously heavily restored, is cracked or broken. Again, the cost of the crown depends on the tooth treated and the material recommended by the dentist. We provide a full range or ceramic, porcelain and gold crowns.

Emergencies & ACC

We are an ACC registered clinic and provide on-site services for all accident related dental treatment. We are also located next to the Westcare Whitecross Accident and Medical if you require medical treatment alongside your dental care. ACC treatment can include anything from consultations, fillings or treatment for trauma. In most cases an appointment is necessary for ACC treatment unless it is a genuine emergency.


We provide services for all aspects of general dentistry;

  • Preventative, Maintenance and Hygiene
  • Oral Surgical
  • Cosmetic
  • Endodontic
  • Restorative
  • Accident and Emergency
  • Work and Income Beneficiary Quotes

Special Services & Interests

We provide services for all aspects of general dentistry;

  • Intravenous Sedation: We offer intravenous (I.V) sedation for nervous patients. I.V sedation may also be required for difficult surgical wisdom teeth removal where necessary.
  • Oral Sedation: We offer oral sedation for nervous patients which is normally taken 30 minutes prior to any treatment.
  • Implants: We can work together with a periodontist to organise the replacement of one or more extracted teeth. Although they are very expensive, this modern technology is a great long term option.
  • We operate with Work & Income New Zealand and can provide WINZ quotes to beneficiaries.
  • We have a panoramic x-ray machine and can take these full-jaw x-rays for our own clinic or another if required.
  • We can organise referrals to SDB (children’s dentists), orthodontists or oral surgeons where required.